Refund and Cancellation policy

1.Why did Etor Exchange cancel my order?

To ensure the security of Etor Exchange users' accounts and transactions, Etor Exchange may decline certain transactions (buys or deposits) if suspicious activity is observed.

If you believe your transaction should not have been canceled, please follow these steps:

Complete all verification steps, including verifying your identity Email Etor Exchange Support so your case can be further reviewed

2.Note: All confirmed buys, sells, deposits, and withdrawals on are final.

Before any order is processed, you will always receive a confirmation prompt to make sure you are comfortable with the amount and timing of your order. Only select Confirm once you are sure you want the order to be processed as described in the confirmation window.

3.Why is my withdrawal requested delayed?

Etor Exchange may delay withdraw requests sent from your Etor Exchange account if we suspect that you did not authorize the transaction.

If you DID NOT authorize the transaction:

Immediately disable sign-in on your Etor Exchange account using the link in the delay notification email

Note: You can cancel the transaction at any time during the delay period.

If you DID authorize the transaction:

Take no action and the transaction will complete within 72 hours

4.When will my account balance update after deposit made?

In General Etor Exchange generally provides balance in your account as soon as we receive payment.

Some orders may take a little longer to complete. If your order shows as pending, it means it has not yet been completed and may still be canceled. In the rare case that your order

is canceled after we debit your account, we'll return your funds to your account promptly