• Date: Jul 13, 2021

Margin Trading with 100X Leverage

Etor Exchange is India’s first Margin Trading exchange which delivers 100X leverage on INR deposits. Cryptocurrency has magnetized several investors in the past couple of years. There were several occasions when the major coins have undergone a lot of ups and downs. Many investors were in FUD state whether to keep holding the coins and wait for the ATH value of the coin/s. Etor Exchange is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange that deals with cryptocurrency and facilitates investors to deal in INR. During a pandemic, the whole suffered a lot due to no work no pay mode. At this crucial moment, those people who had invested earlier in cryptocurrency received a good backup and were not affected much. Today it might sound a little terrifying about the volatility of the major coins but in near future, it is going to be the major mode of expenditure. In some of the African countries have already started to transact in cryptocurrency.

On the Indian platform, Etor Exchange is going to be one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges which would benefit a wide range of investors in the future. It is very much destined that cryptocurrency would be the most dealt digital currency. Definitely, the price at which the present coins could be available today will not be available at the same price in the future. The price value will hike and buying at a higher rate would not make any sense. It is always suggested to take the right step in the right conditions. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective later. The door of Etor Exchange is always open for the aspirant investors who are looking for a bright future in the crypto market and moreover would like to make money. There is a number of profit-oriented programs working under Etor Exchange that would provide a suitable platform for Indian customers. Once registering with Etor Exchange there will be a welcome bonus for the new investors to boost them up for trading. In addition to that, there is a referral program that makes easy money for the investors. One just needs to inculcate the communicative skills and put that into execution to bring more investors and make a link between each other. This would provide a 10% benefit to the head of the link as many as investors will keep joining. Every time investors under that chain would commence any kind of trade, again 10% benefit would be awarded to the head of that link. These facilities can only be availed with one step towards Etor Exchange.

Etor Exchange welcomes all the investors who want to earn profits. Even the capital is less, there is an option to take leverage and accelerate the buying ability. The efficient team is always ready to boost up the confidence of the investors so that they can be steady in the crypto market and do not suffer from FOMO.