• Date: Jul 20, 2021

Green Carpet for Cryptocurrency

All around the world, cryptocurrency has begun a new revolution among the people. It has been observed that the footfall towards cryptocurrency has increased. The market cap was $1.29 trillion, a 1.23 percent increase over the last couple of days. Bitcoin’s price is currently $31,500 and its dominance is 44.87 percent. Volatility in the crypto market is due to various reasons which make the variations in the price values of the major coins. But one thing has to be noticed that investors are still very interested in acquiring cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a fiery tool to earn profits and many are already involved in it. In seems past couple of months; a lot of volatility has been seen. These fluctuations are because of the tech giant Elon Musk’s tweets and China’s suspension over several crypto mining firms.

Despite all this turbulence, investors are still attracted to cryptocurrency. New cryptocurrency exchanges have come up to cater their services to fulfill the demand. Among other crypto exchanges, Etor Exchange delivers the best facilities for traders to bag unmatched profits. Etor Exchange is the standard and elite firm that focuses on the benefit programs for the investors. In India, cryptocurrency is a new concept and in the early years, it took little time to make its recognition. Gradually, it gained its trust among people and grounded itself firmly. Today, more than 40 billion have been invested in cryptocurrency by the Indians. This huge mob is not just amazed or crazy about cryptocurrency, but they are even trading and earning a lot of profits. Etor Exchange caters a wide range of facilities for the traders who could make profits by just registering with a minimum amount of $100.

Etor Exchange is India’s first Margin Trading exchange which delivers 100X leverage on INR deposits. It is one of the best platforms for traders where they can trade freely and independently. Etor Exchange caters zero holding charges through which they can be in HODL position and wait for the right ATH price. In other cryptocurrency exchanges, there are charges for every minute step, but Etor Exchange has zero trading charges which can be saved by the traders. By registering with Etor Exchange, one opens the gateway of profit where accurate signals would lead the investors to the epitome of high returns. Looking at the scenario, Etor Exchange conducts seminars and webinars to educate traders especially beginners about the crypto market. The referral program is another profit-earning facility designed for the traders where they can refer at least three under the downlink and can earn 10% on each referral. Whereas at the same time, as long as the downlinks will do any kind of trading, 10% will be benefited to the head of that link.

Etor Exchange is the best platform for any trader and anyone can earn by registering.