• Date: Jul 16, 2021

Etor Exchange is providing 100X Leverage

The fiery world is after the major coins which are presently ruling over the world. Apparently, the demand will increase and at the same time, the value will also increase. Today, the price of the major coins may be volatile and there might be a FOMO situation arising among the traders. But there is nothing to panic about like all those who showed patience, have been rewarded well. Investors, who have invested in the crypto coins, have been receiving good profits. Apart from trading, investors have approached the other traders and made them understand the concept of cryptocurrency and its benefits. Cryptocurrency will definitely be the best platform for investment. Among several other cryptocurrency exchanges, Etor Exchange is the best exchange. The outstanding facilities catered by Etor Exchange are unmatchable and can change the financial status of the investors.

Etor Exchange caters to India’s first Margin Trading exchange which delivers 100X leverage on INR deposits. Now, cryptocurrency trading can be done on INR. Apart from this, Etor Exchange also caters to other profit-oriented facilities. Under the referral program, investors can now earn by using their communicative skills and earn a 10% reward on each referral. As long as the downlinks keep trading, investors can get an extra 10% reward on that. This facility is exclusively designed for Etor Exchange investors. To avail of the above facility, register with Etor Exchange. It also gives the option to change the Trading Account Number as per the special days for example DOB or Marriage anniversary. Etor Exchange is basically designed to benefit the investors. Etor Exchange deals with all the major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRX, BCH, etc. Crypto coins can be volatile and prices may moon or plummet. But being with Etor Exchange, investors can be in the HODLing position and wait for the coins’ prices to reach ATH prices. This can be possible only in Etor Exchange because it has zero holding charges. At the same time, in other exchanges, traders have to pay minimal to heavy charges for trading. But in Etor Exchange there are zero trading charges.

It is always recommended that leverage should be taken with appropriate crypto knowledge and market strategy. Etor Exchange will give its best advice to all the investors so as to make them confident and steady in the market. It is advised to beginners to take smaller leverage at the beginning. This is because higher leverage may give high profits but at the same time, it also brings higher risk-related issues. Therefore, to make extraordinary income, register with Etor Exchange and get the golden opportunity to earn profits.