• Date: Jul 22, 2021

An exchange with full of Opportunities

Cryptocurrency is the most popular craze of the modern world. It is even speculated that by 2030, around 25% of world transactions would take place in cryptocurrency. A lot of investors are investing their amount on a regular basis which is giving them huge profits. To cater to such platforms, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges have come up in the open to deliver their service to soothe the demand of the investors. India is a huge market for any commodity and despite the volatility of the major coins; people are interested in cryptocurrency not for the sake of welcoming a new platform but for its profit-giving nature. Cryptocurrency exchanges are trying their best to welcome the new investors by giving registering them with several schemes. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, Etor Exchange has a different idea and scope for traders. It does have some security policies which any form would have for their own reasons, but Etor Exchange has designed its plans for the sake of the investors who could really make extravagant money by following simple steps. Traders do not have to learn any kind of heavy technicalities of the market. One just needs to learn some basic knowledge about the market and the gateway of profit would open.

If the aspirant investors really want to earn and generate money, then there is only one exchange that could provide a wonderful platform and that is none other than Etor Exchange. Etor Exchange is India’s first Margin Trading exchange that delivers 100X leverage on INR deposits. This plan has been specially designed for the traders who can have superficial facilities through which traders can earn extravagant profits. Leverage is the facility that gives the traders the opportunity to take it and go for a higher bid. Leverage has to be taken with utmost care because higher leverage may give higher profit but at the same time, it also has risk-related issues. Leverage is a boon for the investors, if used wisely then anyone can earn sky booming profits. But with inexperience, leverage could be a serious issue and plummet the stand-up position.

Along with the above-mentioned facility, there are other options for the investors where they can avail opportunities to earn unmatched profits. Etor Exchange launches a zero trading fees concept where investors do not have to pay any extra charges for any kind of transaction. At the same time, there is a zero holding fees concept which would give the investors the liberty to hold their position as long as possible and wait for the ATH position. Register with Etor Exchange and avail of all the above-mentioned facilities.