• Date: Sep 16, 2021

“Zero Trading and Zero Holding Charges!”

The entire world is behind cryptocurrency and wants to earn huge profits. The major cryptocurrencies are attracting investors worldwide and it did not just happen over a night but a rapid pace cryptocurrency has won the hearts of numerous investors who look for a bright future in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has given immense benefits to several investors which other assets have failed to do so or are slow in growth. Several cryptocurrency exchanges have come forward to cater their services to keen investors. Among others, there is one cryptocurrency exchange that is unique in its execution and dispatching of several unique features. Etor Exchange is a venture of Etor. It is India’s first Margin Trading exchange which provides 100X leverage on INR deposits. This 100X leverage can be used to trade higher bids but investors need to be very careful while taking high leverage because high leverage also comes with high risk-related issues. The highly experienced back-end team would always be there to clarify any kind of doubts/queries regarding trading. One of the best parts of the platform is that Etor Exchange has the facility of zero holding charges i.e. now investors do not have to suffer anymore with FOMO. Being in the HODLing position, investors can now be in the market even though the market is highly volatile. Isn’t that a great deal? Well, the shower of benefits doesn’t stop here, even there are zero trading charges which means now traders do not have to pay extra charges for any kind of selling or buying being in the trade. This is the right time to invest in the unique platform and book extraordinary profits. Therefore, register with Etor Exchange and get maximum benefits.