• Date: Jul 07, 2021

Volatility is Market Phenomenon

As a famous saying – Rolling stones never gather moss”. Just the same way, the market never sleeps. It keeps rolling and volatility is a major aspect of the market. It is important to understand the volatility and shouldn’t get in a state of FOMO. It has become very common that investors with less knowledge about cryptocurrency and the ups and downs of the major crypto coins. Recently we have seen the volatility in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major coins. But still, in India, around 40 billion was channelized in the crypto market. This signals that despite extreme volatility, these major coins have managed to survive and attracted several new investors. According to some whales as well as senior economists, cryptocurrency has a bright future and many foreseers can guess from now that acquiring more crypto coins especially the major ones would be a great investment for the future.

How to sustain along with volatility?

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Cryptocurrency has become a very popular asset on international platforms. It has become one of the major concerns too for many governments regarding legal issues, transparency, and mining. Now and then, one or the other government keeps banning the crypto mining setups due to illegal activities. Some governments are even working on bringing cryptocurrency under tax regulations so as to check the crypto activities of their country. But despite all these odds, the crypto flow has been flowing continuously and spreading like wildfire all around the world. Etor Exchange is the hub for profit-oriented programs. Join Etor Exchange and feel the freedom of trading in cryptocurrency.