• Date: May 21, 2021


Many Indian investors have a doubt regarding cryptocurrency exchange whether it is safe to invest or the decision would be a disastrous. Since, many exchange gurus keep commenting on how crypto currency is changing the orthodox notion of exchange market where third party involvement becomes almost vanished.

Recently, we have seen the volatility in the crypto market where couple of tweets and using the term banning by few governments has created a shadow of disbelief among the investors. But every cloud has a silver lining. The brighter side of this is, this has pulled many investors’ attention towards crypto exchange market.

Now, there are several such platforms which are already doing well in this genre in Indian crypto exchange market. Etor Exchange is one such outstanding arena where investors are turned into Spartans in crypto exchange. There is no doubt that markets are volatile where external elements do keep their impressions on any kind of market. Surely, Etor Exchange is going to be a mile stone and will cater its service with a complete new concept in the crypto exchange market.

A review over Etor Exchange:

Etor Exchange is one of its kinds as it works on new market strategies. It believes in new concepts and does its best to strengthen its investors. Etor Exchange has brought the concept of Margin Trading in India for the first time where one can do trading with 100X leverage on their INR deposits with zero holding charges. No other platform has come with this concept yet. Apart from this, it also provides various facilities where investors can get benefits even though the market is volatile. Etor Exchange has made its core values when it comes to investors and their investment. One of it is to make the investors strong enough to take the market risks and take bold decisions based on the recommendations.

Let’s take a look over how Etor Exchange works. For instance one has decide to buy 10, 00,000 INR worth of example (BTC-INR position). He has invested 10,000 INR and opted for 100X leverage, the amount would be 10, 00,000 INR. Now imagine that the investment grows by 10%, then the profit would be 1, 00,000 INR. So, the total profit would be 1, 10,000 INR. But keep in mind that margin trading amplifies losses just as it does for profits. If  10,000 INR investment decreased by 10% so the loss would get deducted from the invested amount i.e. 1, 000 INR will be deducted and the invested amount would come down to 9, 000 INR, one would effectively lose 10% on the trade.

Etor Exchange has developed its concepts so as to give maximum benefits to its investors. Though there are risk factors but at the same time there are several such opportunities which would definitely make the investors capable enough to have a strong hold over the crypto market.